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LaLonde Contractors, Inc. is a diversified construction company with operations in concrete paving, curb and gutter, architectural concrete, and excavation. LaLonde Contractors, Inc. has distinguished itself as an industry leader through its vast experience in project management and performing projects on schedule and of the highest quality. LaLonde Contractors is a national paving award winning contractor. LaLonde Contractors, Inc. is committed to safety, quality, the community and its customers.

Concrete Paving
Concrete paving is the core of LaLonde Contractors business. LaLonde Contractors is committed to continual education and innovation in concrete pavement technologies. Concrete pavement offers an unequaled durability for our Midwestern climate. Experienced personnel combined with a substantial investment in concrete plants and paving equipment gives LaLonde Contractors the capability of producing the highest of quality concrete pavements.

Project Management
To compliment the self-performed disciplines of construction, LaLonde Contractors maintains an association with over 700 qualified subcontractors and suppliers. Managing hundreds of projects in the heavy highway and civil sectors, LaLonde Contractors has the staff and experience to see any project from start to finish.

Architectural Concrete
With personnel experienced in the latest of concrete coloring and stamping techniques, LaLonde Contractors is a leader in the construction of city redevelopment projects and streetscaping.

LaLonde Contractors excavation crews work in tight urban areas to wide open airport excavation cross sections. With our large fleet of equipment, LaLonde Contractors has the flexibility to take on any job.

Concrete Curb & Gutter
LaLonde Contractors is able to perform zero clearance curb installation in tight urban areas. LaLonde Contractors places curbing in parking lot and asphalt roadways. LaLonde Contractors maintains an updated fleet of curb machines.

Concrete Crushing and Recycling
In an effort to be a more environmentally responsible contractor, LaLonde Contractors crushes and recycles pavements from roadways to re-use on projects.